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The Coolest Little Coffee Shop in Japan

In the town of Kannami at the foot of Mount Fuji in Shizuoka Japan (right across the street from Izunitta train station on the Izu-Hakona railway) is a cool little coffee shop called Irodori. Rather than paint a picture with words, thought a video tour would work best. The coffee was delicious, the tiramisu to die for, but the Japanese decor pulled it all together. Check it out as well as the pictures below:

A rare shot of Mount Fuji on a clear day from the town of Kannami in Shizuoka Japan.

The entrance to Irodori, basically an old, traditional Japanese house converted to a coffee shop. Interestingly, kids aren’t allowed in, but I understand why: kids and paper shoji doors are a baaaaad combination!

You have to remove your shoes before entering Irodori Cafe, consistent with the idea of going into someone’s home. Note that this is not typical of your run-of-the-mill Japanese coffee shop (pun intended), a nice touch that just adds more charm and warmth to the shop’s ambience.

You gotta love Japanese understated elegance, an aesthetic concept described in Japanese as shibui.

For more information in English on Irodori click here.

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