Live Trailer: Tim in Action

Through the magic of youtube, some snippets of me from a recent customer service seminar:


5 responses to “Live Trailer: Tim in Action

  1. Excellent and very well presented. You’re a great speaker and I’d like to see the entire clip! Never hurts to brush up and learn something new about Japanese culture.

  2. Thanks for the kind words pachipro. (Full disclosure: pachipro saying nice things about me is like a mom telling everyone how smart and handsome her kid is; we’re as close to being brothers as you can get without the actual dna.)

  3. Yes, I remember this class ! Very good. See you TUESDAY ! Richard

  4. Ha ha, see you on Tuesday. We love the Kansai area of Japan so it should be a lot of fun!

  5. Thank you, very interesting, and great to watch!

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