Geisha on a Bridge

As part of my ongoing quest for self-improvement during this lockdown, I’ve been trying to continuously upgrade my skills. So a few days ago, I started studying Photopea, sort of a poor-mans version of Photoshop.

Last year I photographed a cool bridge at a beautiful plum garden park here in Atami. Ever since taking this photo, I envisioned in my mind’s eye a geisha standing on it. So as part of my quest to learn Photopea, I attempted to merge a photo of a geisha with the bridge. (I also created the shadow effect, not perfect, but my first try!)

Below are just two of several versions of the edited image. One is a colored picture of the geisha with a black-and-white bridge backdrop. The other is a completely sepia version. Which one do you like best?


BaienBrdgGshaBW copy

© Tim Sullivan 2020

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