Why, Oh Why, Don’t They Know? 🎶

Today we’ll take a vacation from the Intercultural Twilight Zone and journey into the world of music – my world of music.

Note that I am not by any stretch a musician, singer, or songwriter. But I do enjoy playing guitar, trying my best to sing, and occasionally I even write a song (even if it entails just a handful of chords).

When I look around the world and consider the plight and suffering of others, I’d be an ungrateful prick not to consider myself an extremely fortunate person. And yet, like all people, I’ve gone through my share of tough times. During my darkest hours, music kept me spiritually afloat. Here’s a song I wrote (lyrics included) a few years back and had the good fortune to play with some of my favorite people in the world, my “brothers-in-music,” a group of four old white dudes known as “The Smittiots.” This song was a jam, completely unrehearsed. I like how it came out.

Last comment…many people say I sound like Lou Reed. Interesting, since I like Lou Reed but never thought to emulate his style; it just happened to come out that way. (Personally, I think it sounds like me.) At any rate, enjoy!

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