An Inspiring Japanese Concept to Get You Through Tough Times

The 4th installment of Japanese Insight’s video blog series on the art of Kikubari. Enjoy.

© Tim Sullivan 2020

2 responses to “An Inspiring Japanese Concept to Get You Through Tough Times

  1. Thanks for sharing. I too have experienced such ‘gratuitous’ attention (might ‘aloha’ rub elbows with this? … back in the days of elbow-rubbing of course). I think a lot of IT succeeds (read: generates billions through appropriation of human impulse) while destroying even the perception that ‘giving’ undivided attention might be friggin’ important. Indeed books are written about ‘iterating’ fast to make fortunes ahead of the other guy — to paraphrase.
    Now, what was also noteworthy was … as Mr. Tim’s email ‘bot placed its heralding of your new post — why, I was also given a perhaps MORE prominant link (which I’m sure is making others ‘rich’ [definitely merits quote marks in covid-times]).
    What I’m saying is that this link brought me to some ‘Economic Guru’-dude who after delivering his narrative of doom, had just the right product (a book with which to stave off horrible stuff [surprised?] for me to think about purchasing …
    BUT, having thought I’d clicked on your link to your nice video above, I sat there watching this con (ad?) infommercial, grumbling inwardly about business man Tim and his editorial decision to work me over as a mark!
    Well. I was happy to finally see that Mr. ‘I-Got-The-Shit-You-Should-Buy-Or-Die’ was a WordPress (lameass) way to pimp their service.
    Jeez Dare (TheRantMaster), what is your point?
    … buy my book and find out, bitch! (<wacky American joke)
    Nah. My point is that we (you and me and others who still run blogs on ought to just use their (appreciatedly made public) API and go around the cheesy distracting ad paradigm their going with. It's not that hard (all in my book: 20 bucks, you cheapskate!)
    Mahalo. (and your welcome for SurlyDare's version of Kikubari … heh)

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