Tsukimi Dango and the Impending Apocalypse

Hanami_Dango.jpgGather round boys and girls for today’s Japanese culture lesson. It is September 13th in Japan today, which means this evening is the perfect time for “tsukimi” or “autumn moon viewing,” the night we express gratitude to the gods for a good harvest.

Per Japanese custom, we are required to eat tsukimi dango (round rice dumplings) to enhance our mandatory autumn moon-viewing pleasure. But alas, my wife and I forgot to pick them up at the supermarket when we were in town earlier today. As a result of our carelessness, I was told by a very unreliable source that the earth will stop rotating on its axis, the moon will fall out of orbit, the sun won’t rise tomorrow, and we’ll all be sucked into a black hole. Our apologies to the rest of humanity for the impending apocalypse. We’re just too tired to go back into town to get those damn rice dumplings.

For more information on this ancient custom, check out this link. Before it’s too late. 😉

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