Intercultural Twilight Zone Hits a Milestone


The Intercultural Twilight Zone just hit a milestone: 100,000 hits.

Granted, lots of those hits were bogus bots, or seekers of illicit material (boy they must’ve been disappointed when they stumbled onto my anthropological ramblings without the naked pictures), or perhaps fans of the Twilight Zone series?

I didn’t set out to accumulate x number of hits when I started writing my blog in 2008. I started blogging because writing is a therapeutic outlet for me, and it’s an incredible feeling to know you’ve connected with people through words. (You know it when you get lots of hits on a given post and when people take time to comment.) It’s worth mentioning that I intended at one time to write another book, but have found blogging much more attractive. Why? Instant publishing, instant feedback, instant gratification, and I can write whatever I want.

A big mahalo to all my subscribers and to everyone who takes time to read my ramblings.

Copyright © Tim Sullivan 2014


4 responses to “Intercultural Twilight Zone Hits a Milestone

  1. Aloha Tim! Milestones are always worth celebrating simply because you did achieve the milestone! Most people never even set milestones. Very much appreciate you taking the time to share your insights!

  2. Well done Tim and congratulations!

    Keep up the great writing – we love it!

    Cheers, Trish

  3. @Grif and Trish: I appreciate your kind words and encouragement!

  4. Congrats, Tim!
    I’ve been thinking about turning off the hit counter on my blog lately since it is mostly from spambots, but hey, if I can get a 100,000 hits like you, maybe I’ll keep it going! 🙂


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