Three Japanese Management Strengths with Global Appeal

Just created my first 1-Minute Insight in Japanese. (So for readers who don’t speak the language, it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t click on the video.) Here’s a synopsis of the content.

When non-Japanese employees around the world are asked to list positive aspects of Japanese-style management, the observations below almost always make the list:

1) Japanese bosses are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

2) Japanese employees have a highly developed “continuous improvement” mentality

3) Japanese managers communicate and cooperate well across functions (specifically in the automotive industry).

So Japanese managers can feel very good about the following:

  • That leaders willing to get their hands dirty are respected in just about any culture
  • They can make a big contribution by helping establish and maintain a Deming-based kaizen culture abroad
  • They can choose to play a key role in bridging gaps among various departments (assuming they learn to share information openly and efficiently with local counterparts).

Japanese management has other strong points of course, unfortunately not all of them transfer well outside of Japan. But these 3 strengths stand out as potentially high-impact contributions that Japanese managers are equipped to make in any organization.

In my next Japanese clip Ill cover some  frustrations that non-Japanese employees have with Japanese management style. Stay tuned.

If you speak Japanese then by all means go ahead and click the play button. Feedback is welcome.


2 responses to “Three Japanese Management Strengths with Global Appeal

  1. Heya Timu-sensei ! O-hisashiburi ja nai desu ka. The Nihongo-hack in me had to give a listen and I gotta proudly say that I surely grokked. . . oh. . .well. . . a good 14 % of what was being said. (So either you said all that stuff wrong. . . or I gots to keep at my task of learning to iterate more than: “Me like beer with food. . .good food is my like-thing!” See? it ain’t pretty, and that’s the more exoteric. Esoteric business principles and I’m toast in the comprehension department apparently!) Anyway, you rock the Nippongo like nobody’s business! All this is mostly an opportunity to toss a howdy your way (in japanese, howdy is just pronounced slightly different). Hope this finds you and yours well and let’s catch up sooner than later. Aloha, Darren

    • Thanks for checking in Darren. And a big howdy right back at you. We’re doing fine, hunkering down for the “winter.” Let me know the next time you’re in the ‘hood, would love to catch up. Hope all is well on your end!

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