Korea and Japan Practicing Aloha?

With the rhetoric heating up between Japan and Korea over the disputed Takeshima islets,  a beautiful reminder of the counterintuitive possibilities. Who says Japanese and Koreans can’t hug? This young Japanese man set out to prove it can be done, aloha at its best.

One subtle point about the video that caught my eye: notice that the editor chose to block out the face of the only hostile person shown in the video. Beautiful.


2 responses to “Korea and Japan Practicing Aloha?

  1. I had a discussion recently with a Korean friend about the feelings of the Korean people and the Japanese. There is still a lot of resentment to overcome. He spoke of the extreme persecution his family had endured when the Japanese occupied Korea. He spoke of people being killed for their religious faith, of crops being confiscated, about people being punished for speaking their own language. He is doing his best to forgive and let go, but there is a lot of baggage with which to deal.

    The young man in the video had nothing to do with all that, but that is the history with which he is dealing.

  2. Indeed there is a history, and it’s tough to forget. But both countries have a new generation that never experienced the war. The key question as I see it: is it in both countries’ interest to hold the grudge and continue an adversarial relationship? Or would it benefit both countries to put the past behind them and work together? (Especially in light of North Korea and China saber rattling.) Of course it’s the latter. But as they say, easier said than done. Right now the world needs fewer politicians and more statesmen. If the younger generation can’t step back and learn to be magnanimous, then they’ve got rough times ahead. I applaud this young man for taking the high road.

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