A Snapshot of Life in Pahoa

We interrupt this blog for an “only-in-Pahoa” moment. Anyone who lives in Hawaiian Shores makai of Da Store has seen this. (If you’re driving makai on Kahakai, glance to the right shortly after you pass Da Store, can’t miss it.)

Trying hard to imagine how this happened. I’ll go out on a limb here and guess: a highly impaired driver? “Officer, I was driving up Kahakai minding my own business when this house jumped right in front of me.”

Sorry, just my imagination running away with me. Sadly, the possible drunk driving angle would not be so unusual here. About 6 years ago a drunk driver crashed through my gate and ended up just shy of my house with half the car up on my mini-rock wall.

What really makes this an only-in-Pahoa story, though, is that that truck has been frozen in it’s current position for at least a week, probably longer. No one has bothered towing it away! If you examine the picture closely, it looks like the truck is now holding up the corner of the house, so perhaps removing it would further damage the structure? (Or maybe our crack police department–think “Andy and Barney”–don’t want to compromise the crime scene before they finish dusting for fingerprints? ;-))  Note that there actually is crime-scene tape blocking entry into the house and carport.

I’m tempted to start a pool to predict how long that truck will stay there.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Happy to take the good with the bizarre here in our little corner of paradise.

Copyright © Tim Sullivan 2011


2 responses to “A Snapshot of Life in Pahoa

  1. i have been wondering why its been there for so long, i think perhaps the home insurance agent needed to come and investigate because the whole house was knocked off the foundation. but, tonight (august 15th) on my way home from work, it looked like the truck has been moved….now, im curious to see how long it will take before the house is repaired or rebuilt?????

    • Indeed the truck was moved yesterday. Looks like no one lives there so who knows if/when they’ll fix it. At least the eyesore is gone!

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