“Flash Mob Hula” at 38,000 Feet: Hawaii Flies with Hawaiian Airlines!

I love my client Hawaiian Airlines. This is pure genius because only Hawaiian Airlines could pull it off. I’m blessed to work with the talented folks who made the “flash mob hula”  idea happen. At 38,000 feet mind you! Check out this video, it’ll make you smile!


2 responses to ““Flash Mob Hula” at 38,000 Feet: Hawaii Flies with Hawaiian Airlines!

  1. Aloha Tim! Totally cool. Totally aloha. Will share with Noriko in Japan and encourage her to fly Hawaiian from now on to Japan. She did fly Delta since she never could get customer service to solve her multi-city scheduling challenge on this trip. But do appreciate your help!

  2. Geez Grif, you lifted my spirits with your nice words at the beginning then hit me with a downer at the end. So sorry Noriko’s problem wasn’t solved. HA has a code sharing agreement with ANA so it shouldn’t have been a problem. (Although it could be a reflection of growing pains and glitches since they just entered the Japan market.) The folks I spoke with at Hawaiian made it sound like the problem could be easily solved. The customer service folks in Japan who man the phones have always been very helpful as well. Not sure whom Noriko spoke with so can’t really comment beyond that.

    Hawaiian Air welcomes feedback so they can continuously improve. If Noriko is so inclined, I’d appreciate if she’d write a letter detailing the problems she had. That said, Delta’s a respected competitor so Noriko should go with the airline she feels most comfortable with.

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