Bridging the Culture Gap with Dance

Just got back from another great Japan trip. It was a business trip but we managed to squeeze in some quality time with in-laws and sons. Grady and Tunji made their “Tokyo debut”, but also found time to entertain Kurumi’s family in Atami. Note that the performance in the clip below was impromptu. You’ll see that not only did our boys have limited space to work with, there was no ipod-friendly music system to plug into. So they improvised; Grady provided the music and sound effects.

The audience includes Japanese dad-in-law Akira (85), mom-in-law Aiko (79), her elder sister Toshiko (85) younger sister Setsuko and husband Kohei (both in their mid-70s), and of course Samurai Wife and yours truly. I kid you not, the relatives were literally moved to tears.

And of course they fell in love with Tunji. Who wouldn’t? We were indeed blessed with an unforgettably “beautiful moment” when Kohei-san said to Tunji in broken English, “You are BEAUtiful!” LOL!

Our thanks to Grady and Tunji for the tears and smiles. We love you guys.

Stay tuned for more pictures and video clips of our 2010 trip.

Copyright © Tim Sullivan 2010

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