Big Island Candies: the Ultimate Benchmark for Retailers Serving Japan

My admiration for Big Island Candies is no secret: in my opinion they are one of the best retailers in Hawaii–and in all of the U.S. for that matter–in delivering quality products and services to the finicky Japanese market. So here’s my standing invitation to all my clients in Hawaii: come to Hilo, I’ll pick you up at the airport, and together we’ll go shopping for cookies!

(Note that I have no affiliation whatsoever with this quality organization: just an avid admirer of their wonderful business model. Ditto for another great Hilo retailer, Sig Zane, a worthy topic for a future post. )

But since not everyone has the time and resources to visit Big Island Candies, I decided to bring them to you via the magic youtube. Enjoy and learn from the best!

Copyright © Tim Sullivan 2010


3 responses to “Big Island Candies: the Ultimate Benchmark for Retailers Serving Japan

  1. Aloha Tim! Excellent post with the video. I have already forwarded it to several businesses I think could benefit from the post/video. It is looking like the new air capacity between Haneda and HNL from 11/1/10 will add about 200,000 seats per year….and my guess is the four big travel agencies have purchased the majority of the seats so are doing massive promotions in Japan to get Japanese to visit Hawaii….day trips from HNL to Hilo are an important part of the big travel agencies profit centers so expect to see a dramatic increase in Japanese visiting Hilo.

  2. Much appreciate the comment Grif.

    Haneda is indeed an exciting new development. Like you, I’m committed to promoting local Hawaii culture and businesses to the Japanese market. Having quality Hilo-based companies like Big Island Candies and Sig Zane really helps the cause!

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more, Tim. We regularly bring a suitcase full of BIC and Sig Zane products for omiyage when we visit Japan. (Martha Stewart magazines are also a big hit with the young mom crowd.) Whereas See’s Candies are well-received, but never requested, everyone always wants more BIC when we return next time.


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