Hilo’s Inspiring Young Dancers

We recently had the pleasure of attending a dance performance at Hilo’s UHH Performing Arts Center. These kids inspired me so much that I had to share this clip with you. Props to Nadia Schlosser for creating the beautiful choreography.

Check out the opening dance set. Enjoy!

4 responses to “Hilo’s Inspiring Young Dancers

  1. That was pretty “Bad” !

    I think you know what I mean.

    Great job kids!

  2. I was at the live performance and it was really incredible. These kids were so “on it” and you could feel the positive energy that flowed between the performers and the audience. By the end of the opening number I was in tears (happy tears). I’m so proud of my nephew Grady. He and his fellow dancers: Nadia, Tunji, Junior, and the others, created not only an intertaining experience but an inspirational message for us all. If you want change in the world you have to start with yourself, and change is something natural to embrace, like the tides. Go with the flow!

  3. Aloha Tim 😉

    Tim and I would love to come see a show, would you keep us in mind next time they perform?

    Thanks! for sharing this 😉


  4. Wow Tim, Thank you for sharing. This was absolutely fantastic !!I
    I enjoyed every moment. Richard

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