BBoy in Paradise Breakdance Competition


If you want to catch some local kids doing something right, then the upcoming Bboy in Paradise break dance competition is just the ticket. (See flyer above for details.) If you know of any kids looking for inclusive, positive role models bring ’em along too, it’s a family deal.

The dancers are from all around the Big Island, many from Hilo and Puna. Full disclosure: one of the kids in the video is my son. But I love ’em all like they’re my own. Check out how good the little kids are.

A big mahalo to Mike Sato (a.k.a. “Reptillian Tank”) for producing the cool trailer.

Without further ado:


4 responses to “BBoy in Paradise Breakdance Competition

  1. This BBOY is so great – thx for sharing! I moved here this fall and am missing my young nephews back in Oregon – I’ll be sending them the youtube video to watch all these cool Big island kids…ever do dance comp here on Hilo side?

    • They do lots of performances and occasionally dance competition on the East side. You can check them out for yourself at Center Stage Dance Studio in Hilo (next to Bear Coffee). Thanks for checkin’ in Jan!

  2. tim, This is great. I am posting your stuff on my site with a link to yours. Go see at:

  3. This is great! I wonder if they would be interested in doing a charity event on Oahu!

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