Who Wouldn’t Love My Job?

Just got back from a fun trip to Tokyo. Spent time with a couple old friends then headed over to one of our very important clients, Kalei Lehua Hula Halau.

For readers new to this blog, in May of this year we brought over 24 hula instructors from this halau for a hula retreat. (Check out When Japan Meets Pele.) It was a 5-day intensive program focused on traditional Kahiko style hula. The program was a resounding success (thanks to the great instruction from Kumu Hula Kiwala’o! :-))–and we made some great new friends in the process!

I’m a bit shy about posting my own pictures (if you had a mug like mine you would be too). But we’ll make this a special case. Note the big grin on my face. I’m in heaven! (With Samurai Wife close-by had to behave myself. ;-))


I mentioned we were going to Osaka to visit Kalei Lehua’s other studio. Well that’s exactly what we did. More lovely hula dancers. Tough job but someone’s gotta do it! 😉


Boy did we have fun with this group of lovely ladies–beer and okonomiyaki!

Now tell me, who wouldn’t love my job?

Copyright © Tim Sullivan 2009


3 responses to “Who Wouldn’t Love My Job?

  1. I call that grin on your face a “WIWMG”.

    I’ll let you and figure out what the acronym stands for when SW isn’t around.

  2. Added another picture from the Osaka trip. Still grinning from ear to ear. 🙂

  3. From Twitter:

    Japanese embracing the hula | Up to one million students are learning hula at hundreds of schools in Japan http://tinyurl.com/yzqwz72

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