The Intercultural Party Zone

Several times a year we host a musical event at our home. We invite many of our Japanese retiree friends in the neighborhood, as well as a select group of “Japan-friendly” local friends. This time our event theme was “authentic Hawaiian music”.

At these events we try to accomplish a couple things. Most important, we want to bring together Japanese retirees and local folks to laugh and have fun together. Music has a way of removing the language barrier, especially when you’ve got the right band (and believe me, we did).

The other reason we do this is to make Japanese retirees aware of some of the honest, hard-working folks in our community who offer a variety of quality services they might someday need (including landscaping, carpentry, lawn-care, business development, painting, deck-building, English language/hula/ukulele lessons–and an array of other educational options through local institutions).

This is the fourth time we’ve done this kind of event, twice last year. We didn’t expect a big turnout this time around as we only spent a couple weeks promoting the event. Thinking 30 to 35 people would show up, we had over 45! (30 Japanese friends, the rest “locals.”)

The band–the very same one that played at our last hula event–was a big hit. Kahele and Chino merged their lovely vocals into beautiful harmonies while Darren made his dobro wail. Really sweet music, can’t wait to do this again.

Some pictures. Enjoy.

Hawaiian music night 002Guests filing in, and a back view of the mysterious man behind Island Notes

Hawaiian music night 004

Hawaiian music night 012

Hawaiian music night 014

Hawaiian music night 007

Introducing the band…

Hawaiian music night 008Darren introducing himself in Japanese (good job!)

Hawaiian music night 010Kahele and Chino greeting the guests

Hawaiian music night 011Jammin’ Hawaiian style

Hawaiian music night 014

Hawaiian music night 015Chino singing his heart out

Hawaiian music night 018Samurai Wife introducing local businessman Grif Frost

Hawaiian music night 019Grif and son Anthony (of Maikai Ohana Tours)

Hawaiian music night 020Mike and John can build and beautify anything

Hawaiian music night 021Baby sis’ Pamela, greeting our guests.

Hawaiian music night 022

Our friend Laszlo, artist, sculpture and local puppeteer

Hawaiian music night 023Our friend Kaori…what a lovely hula dancer she is!

Hawaiian music night 029Takanashi-san and Ikeda-san jammin’ with the band! 🙂Hawaiian music night 030

Kahele’s havin’ a good time!

Hawaiian music night 031Wait ’til their friends at home see them jammin’ with da locals!

Hawaiian music night 039Bruddah Jeff jammin’ too!

Hawaiian music night 040

It was a fun party! The guests were engaged, stayed later than all past events, and raved about the band.

Thanks again to Chino, Darren and Kahele for another great performance. To all the readers who made it past the pictures and read this far, here’s your reward: click your way over to Island Notes, where Darren, slide guitarist extraordinaire, has some live recordings “posted” on his site. (Not live from the above-mentioned party, but many of the same songs.)

By the way, the band still needs a name so if you have any suggestions I’ll pass them on to professor Darren.


Copyright © Tim Sullivan 2009


11 responses to “The Intercultural Party Zone

  1. Aloha Tim and Kurumi,

    The kind of connections that you are fostering is way cool. It was a gas to participate in your get-together. As much as I’m thrilled to play guitar in such a setting, I hope to meet up with some of the folks again, if for no other reason than to talk story about ol’ Nippon or to make beneficial connections within our Puna community.

    Mahalo for making such a gig available.


  2. Thanks Darren, the pleasure was ours. Funny you mentioned doing another get-together…Kurumi and I were talking yesterday about doing a more intimate party next time, fewer people who can interact and connect, ya know? Maybe a Texas Holdem’ Party/Jam session? (Hey, don’t have to gamble, but card games are a great way to interface Japanese with other cultures…and the more the Japanese drink the better their English gets!)

    Please pass on our thanks to Chino and Kahele and let them know they’re invited to the next party. Will keep you posted!

  3. Looks like a great party!

    And great looking facility to have a party. Where was this held? Feel free to email off your blog. I’m always looking for meeting places on the Big Island.

  4. The “facility” was my house in Hawaiian Shores.

  5. Wow… Nice “facility”!

    Rates… And does it always come with Samurai Wife Catering?

    Honestly… sweet little shindig!

  6. Wouldn’t Samurai Wife be a good name for a band?

  7. Looks like a good time.

    I guess Punatikku is taken by some other band?

  8. Welcome Gale-san and Rian-san! I can only assume Gale is a friend of Darren’s, so…you know the old saying, “Any friend–or brother–of Darren’s is a friend of ours :-)… or something like that.

    Yeah “Samurai Wife” is interesting. In a weird way it sounds “alternative”. But if the band members are comfortable enough in their manhood to attach “wife” to their product, then let’s “put it on the list”. The other suggestion came from Darren’s (alleged) brother Rian, who wonders if the name “punatikku” is taken. (Probably not the Japanese transliterated version.) My idea was “Two Hawaiians and a Haole”, but Darren didn’t seem to like it…any thoughts Darren-sensei?

  9. Comfortable Manhood you say? Hmm, could work.. Could always just use CM I s’pose.. As for Punatikku, it’s gotta be taken..

    My vote: Gaijin in Paradise

    (inoffensive to everyone..well, ‘cept for gaijin in paradise..and that’s a pretty gray area)

  10. Dear Kurumi and Tim
    The pictures are great! I wish I could have joined your party! I miss the time at our house a lot and hope to come back soon. But in two weeks time I start teaching with my first class..I’m so excited, but there is a lot to do till then.
    Say hello to Pamela and Grady.

    Lots of love

  11. Aloha Barbara!

    Gosh, we miss you guys! Two more ladies are doing the same home-stay next January from your school. We want to host, but thought we’d first give other teachers at HAAS a chance. Do you by chance know the next two ladies coming? And when’re you guys comin’ back? 🙂

    With love and warm aloha,

    Tim and Kurumi

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