Eastside B-Boys Dazzle Kona

As b-boys, not only do we defy gravity, but we USE the laws of physics. We don’t obey them, we don’t succumb to them, we make them our tools. And with these tools, we use our creativity and our movements to make art like no one has ever seen before. Expression at its finest.

Grady Sullivan (“Philosophy”)

Gotta give our local b-boys their props. They just got back from the “Kailua Kona Block party 6-on-6 B-boy Battle”. Grady tells me it’s an annual event, but that this was the first year they staged a dance battle.

To make it fun they had the crowd pick the winners. You’ll see that our local kids did us proud! All the dancers were very entertaining, really fun stuff to watch. Enjoy!

And for the Michael Jackson fans, a “tribute battle”:


5 responses to “Eastside B-Boys Dazzle Kona

  1. Dancing has come along way since the “Twist”.

    If you hear of any Puna “Gigs” that “Cataclysm” is involved in… I’d love to check em out in person.

  2. They often dance at HAAS events, but also do private parties. (For us, anyway 🙂

    If someone in Pahoa were ever to host a “dance battle” event, I guarantee you they’d be there.

    To clear up any confusion: The normal 5-crew name is “Cataclysm”. Unfortunately, the fifth member–Nadia–is currently recovering from knee surgery so the crew is operating without a key member. The current crew of 4 is called “Shell Shock”, after their Ninja Turtle heroes from childhood. (They even have green Ninja Turtle sweatshirts they use in the performance.)

  3. that was great fun to watch. thanks!

  4. I hope Nadia recovers soon.

    I’m assuming “Nadia” is a female.

    If Nadia is a female… I just want to say thanks for doing what is typically a “Male Dominated” dance form.

    I know girls have better rhythm then guys… I’ve always wondered why guys have dominated the “breaking” scene.

    Hope Nadia get’s better soon and Cataclysm is a unit as one once again.

  5. Tim…

    I’d like to repost the MJ tribute on my blog if I can.

    Please let me know via email in case I don’t click back here in the next 24 hours or so.

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