Hilo’s Amazing B-Boys

Check out this amazing youtube video. Can you feel the passion and joy?


5 responses to “Hilo’s Amazing B-Boys

  1. I think it would be cool if they could synchronize their moves all at the same time like synchronized swimmers.

    That shows even more talent… then they already have.

    If they could choreograph a synchronized breaking routine… I would suggest that they send it in to Americas Best Dance Crew or one of the shows like it.

  2. I understand your point, Damon. Keep in mind that this clip was not moves from a single dance crew, just a bunch of b-boys who hang out, have fun and show off their moves.

    Cataclysm–as with any crew–has lots of synchronized routines, that’s why they’re called a “crew”. They are also expanding into other kinds of dance (jazz, modern, etc.) so it’s fun to watch them grow and create.

    I get the feeling that they believe they are still a couple years away from trying out for “America’s Best Dance Crew” competition. But yeah, it’s a place they aspire to be. That’s why I’m encouraging them to keep on doing what they’re doing. Being a late bloomer myself, I think it’s a beautiful thing to have a passion like this at such a young age. How wonderful to have a dream.

  3. INCREDIBLE! Those boys are amazing… way to use their talent! Thanks for sharing that…

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words, Bree, I’ll pass them on to da boyz.

    Looks like you’re doing some incredible things yourself. I admire what you’re doing.

  5. Damon Tucker

    One of Tom Lackey’s friends mentioned your blog the other day. He liked it. I can’t remember his name… a Popolo dude I met at the Steak/Chicken Grill at the location of farmers market on a non-farmers market day.


    Damon, thanks for passing on the kind words. I know lots of “Popolo” dudes on the island, so maybe it’s someone I know? Wonder if it’s Vince the Puna Kite Man…

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