My Top 8 Posts…

The Grand Puba of our new FBI Bloggers site, Sir Damon Tucker, suggested we each highlight the top post on our respective blogs that got the most attention. (Okay, he didn’t say that exactly, but I’m very bad at following directions.)

I’m giving the top 8 here because, well, it’s my blog and I can do whatever I damn well please. Also note that the posts with the most hits tend to be skewed toward the older posts for obvious reasons. And yet some of the newer posts are quickly climbing the hit list, thanks in part to the greater exposure FBI Blogger is bringing to my site.

Since I’ll be on the mainland all next week working, this would be a good time to post the “oldies-but-goodies”. I’ll let the readers decide what they like best.

So here they are, my 8 top-ranked posts in order of hits. Enjoy!

1) Samurai Wife: The Myth About Subservient Japanese Women

2) Lessons in Humility from a Japanese Blues Guitarist

3) Zen and Art of Total Quality

4) Of Mice and Japanese Men

5) Is Oprah a Narcissistic Leader?

6) Truth, Harmony, White Lies and Monkey Traps

7) Japanese Automakers More Patriotic than the Big Three?

8) Japanese-Style Customer Service: the Art of Kikubari

Be back next week!


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