FBI Bloggers

Does “FBI Bloggers” ring a bell?

Nah, we’re not a clandestine brotherhood of spooks. FBI stands for “From Big Island”. The single thread that binds this ragtag amalgamation of on-line scribes is that we all live and blog on the Big Island of Hawaii. That’s it. And if you don’t believe me then just click on each link and compare for yourself. I dare you.

Today’s post favors bloggers on the East side of the Big Island (not sure where Leslie lives, though). I also have a last minute addition, Island Notes–had to do it after I visited Darren’s blog, listened to his music and read his edgy ramblings. Come to think of it…I don’t even know Darren’s last name, much less where he lives. Somewhere on the Big Island I hope.

Keep in mind that, other than my humble ramblings, most of the FBI bloggers write about life, local news and events focused on the Big Island of Hawaii. As a resident of Pahoa, my reading interests lean toward subject matter related to Hilo and Puna, so my blog selections are definitely biased toward the East side. That said, Kona has some great bloggers too, and hopefully I’ll have time in the future to expand my horizons to the West side. For now I’m busy enough getting a grasp of local issues related to the East side. Thanks to many of the blogs listed below, I’m making good progress.

So without further ado, some cool sites I recently discovered and added to my blog roll (in alphabetical order):

Alpha Inventions

This site actually isn’t a blog. But it’s definitely a godsend for hit-hungry bloggers. Why? Because Alpha Inventions’ sole reason for existence is to advertise blogs. And it’s free. All you have to do is visit the Alpha Inventions site, paste your address into the designated box at the top, select a category, then click a couple more buttons and voila–your blog is inserted into a “viewing cycle”. And the hits start coming almost immediately. It’s not unusual to get 50 or more hits within minutes.

It’s also fun to lurk at this site and check out the interesting blogs that pop up at random. Give it a try when you’ve got a few minutes to kill.

Anthony Marzi

Anthony is the only Big Island blogger I’ve actually met in person, and I confess that I’m a big fan. To me, Anthony represents great hope for America’s future. Imagine this: at the tender age of 24, Anthony is already a computer whiz kid with a resume that includes a position as scientific technician at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and emergency management consultant for the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. But here’s the most amazing thing: last year at the age of 23, Anthony ran for Hawaii’s House of Representatives’ District 4 seat!

Unfortunately my man didn’t win this time around, but he gave rival candidates a serious run for their money on a shoestring budget. If Anthony runs again in the next election, he’s got my vote and he’s going to win.

Anthony’s site has a political slant to it. He has been a big inspiration in getting young people involved in politics. Check out his blog here and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Big Island Chronicle

Unlike this humble blogger, Tiffany Hunt is a professional journalist who, thankfully, is now a valued member of the blogging world. For Hawaii residents who want a serious, in-depth look at Hawaii news, events, and politics, Hawaii Business Chronicle should be one of your daily clicks. Check it out here.

Damon Tucker

Watching Damon move from punaweb to creating his own successful blog inspired me to try my hand at it, so Damon’s ‘da man’ as far as I’m concerned. He sends me little email “nudges” now and then to ask why it’s been so long between posts–a great little kick-in-the-ass that I really appreciate. So here’s my endorsement, not out of gratitude, but because I really like Damon’s blog: it’s a fun, quirky site that reflects Damon’s insatiable appetite for all kinds information, goofy and serious. He covers issues and events that affect the community I live in, and (unlike me) Damon posts lots of content–sometimes several pages of posts per day. If you don’t check into Damon’s site every couple hours you miss a lot.

FBI Blogs

This is Damon’s brainchild. It’s a site he set up to showcase all Big Island Bloggers who chose to be included in this eclectic collection of on-line scribes. This is a one-stop-shop site for the Big Island’s best bloggers.

Island Notes

I just “met” Darren yesterday on line. He left a nice comment on my “Dankai no Sedai” post so I reciprocated by visiting his blog. Very cool site, lots of great music and edgy commentary. Immediately slapped Island Notes onto my blogroll.

Unfortunately Darren didn’t post a bio on his site–or I missed it somehow–so I can’t tell you much about him. But based on one of his posts, it appears he once lived in Japan and used to walk around wearing shoes that didn’t match–and that’s enough for me. I can also tell you that he plays sweet guitar because I heard it with my own ears–on a music clip posted on his site. Check out Island Notes here.

Ry Sullivan

This is not a Big Island blog. But Ry just so happens to be my son, so I’m making an exception. Ry is currently my “boots-on-the-ground” correspondent in Tokyo. As a bilingual, bicultural American living in Japan, he offers an insightful insider’s view of life in modern Japan with a focus on the younger generation. It’s interesting reading if Japan floats your boat. You can check out Ry’s ramblings here.

So many more blogs to check out on the FBI site…so stay tuned for future updates. Hope we see you again soon…in the Intercultural Twilight Zone.

Aloha 🙂


2 responses to “FBI Bloggers

  1. Thanks for the write up.

    It takes a little while for the RSS feeds to sync with each other.

    I’m trying to figure out a way that it would sync faster.


  2. Tim,

    Thanks for including me in your blog reviews. Although in theory, I’d derive encouragement from within, in reality it’s really nice to read encouraging words from fellow east Hawaii writers. (I live in upper puna) As for the bio-stuff, I hope that the expressed ideas can suffice as I see this media revolution as a possible bump up for participatory politics, personality notwithstanding. Yet, having said that, you have an open invitation to visit this homestead. I’ve lived in Kanagawa, Saitama, and Fukushima. Between Japan raps and appreciation for live music, we’s gots to get together sometime. Btw, your son Ry’s blog is excellent. (Is he named after a certain guitar player?)


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