Cataclysm: Hip-Hop Dance Crew from Hilo

Cataclysm on a Sunday afternoon in Hilo…

We’re taking a break from the Twilight Zone today. Just wanted to take this opportunity to promote an entertaining hip-hop crew from Hilo Hawaii, called Cataclysm. (Check out youtube above.)

Full disclosure: if you’ve read Blogger in a Nutshell then you already know my son Grady is a member of Cataclysm, which means my objectivity is shot–not to mention that I know nothing about dance. The upshot is that my endorsement carries no weight whatsoever. But I hope you’ll enjoy these kids as much as I do.

When “the crew” isn’t dancing on youtube they can be found performing on the streets of Hilo, at the Pahoa Youth Center, at University of Hawaii’s Performing Arts Center, at Center Stage dance studio in Hilo, even at the classic Palace Theater.

Cataclysm does its part to help the local community. Babatunji [Katastrophe] , Grady [Philosophy], Junior [Uneek], Nadia [Pneuma] and Tre [Commix] bring a positive message to the youth of Hawaii: embrace a non-violent, healthy lifestyle–free of drugs and tobacco–through hip-hop dance and community service.

For information on upcoming hip-hop dance lessons or events, contact Center Stage in Hilo.


One response to “Cataclysm: Hip-Hop Dance Crew from Hilo

  1. Chopper- Hollywood\\\'s Dance Expert

    Wow these are 2 great videos the guy in the second video cracks me up . they all have skills. keep up the great work

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